What is Bytewalker?

Bytewalker is a untity game that's current under development, and near the end of alpha! It's a 2D tile-based strategy game about digital warfare in a far future environment. The game is free-to-play and always will be, funded only by donations and ads that don't interfere with gameplay.

This game is experimental, and development is being supported by Loam. The project was created by Wisp and some of the art and models were made by Kaide!

What's the inspiration?

"A long time ago, I played a shockwave game called Spybotics: Nightfall Incident was created for LEGO's website. I'm not sure how successful the product line was itself, but the game and theme were one of the most interesting tile based strategy games I could find at the time, and they kicked off my interest in games like Fire Emblem and Advanced Wars. I wanted to explore some of the elements that made the game fun for me, and so Bytewalker was (or I guess is being) created!" -- Wisp

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